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Our Programs

To you partner and friend,

We would like to share with you a great news about the Eufraten Foundation.

Brazil has in now days 815,000 NGOs in activity and the Eufraten Foundation, founded by Dr. Paulo Zabeu de Sousa Ramos, was ranked among the 100 best NGOs in Brazil in 2022 according to management and transparency standards. Eufraten is an institution that for more than 5 decades has taken care of people, its employees, volunteers, partners and community. 

Check out below the certificate that awards the Eufraten Foundation with public recognition, among the 100 best NGOs in Brazil, for its credibility, transparency, high standard of management, competence and effectiveness in its processes and for its expertise in caring of people!


We certify that the organization was selected as one of the top 100 NGOs of 2022 according to management and transparency standards.

It is an NGO to donate and has achieved the admiration and support of people.


Congratulations to all those who have been collaborating with us during these 50 years, get  get  our  thank you very Much in name of all 600 children, youth and teenagers taken care by us.


Our History

Our work was born in 1978 in a small thatch hut built by volunteers, in one of the most distant and needy communities in the City of Campinas / SP.

The actions were carried out by a team of volunteers, whose objective was to contribute to the potential development of children, adolescents and young people, enabling the discovery of their skills and make possible their social reality transformation.


In the beginning, the activities took a place only on Saturdays, involving the community and volunteering,offering them classes in yoga, handicrafts, arts and sports. In less than a year, there were already more than 50 young volunteers working, educating more than 300 people.


In 1987 it officially became a Foundation, promoting the human being's ethical education for life. Today, more than 600 children, adolescents, young people and their families are served in 03 units, located in an area of high social vulnerability.


Our service, until today, exceeds more than 52 thousand people who have benefited from this work, recognized by the communities and by the Organization's partners as a differential in the human formation of those served.


Our Founder

The Eufraten Foundation was founded by Paulo Zabeu de Sousa Ramos, at the time, a young man of 20 years old, a law student, determined to know himself and share his learning with hundreds of low-income people and a dedicated team of volunteers.


Over these years, Dr. Paulo became a lawyer, writer, philosopher, researcher of human behavior and educator. He built Heulosofia - The Science of SelfKnowledge, which synergistically integrates Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy offering everyone practical tools so that they can discover their productive potential, always working, for the good of the whole.


Today, at the age of 70, his dedication, seriousness and productive movement for the good of all are examples that motivate us to continue educating and transforming lives.


Through his edifying hands and examples, he created the project “Building with your own hands” where together we build learning environments for our children, all inspired by greek architecture.


Due to the nobility of his work, he received several public recognitions, among them, the Commander and International Chancellor of Cultural Merit Carlos Gomes, for his achievements in the Education area, Philanthropy and Human Development and as Consul by ABFIP - UN - Brazilian Association of International Forces of UN Peace, designed to reward and revere the cult of the noble attributes of those who have practiced meritorious and uplifting actions in the name of the Brazilian homeland.

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